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Although Interior Design is very creative, a large part of my role involves knowing how to use software effectively to bring a vision to life (although a pencil is still a must!). Having set up efficient systems to save time and reduce costs as well as minimising human errors. If I am working as part of a large team I like to establish a working structure from the beginning; and if needed, adjust to their way of working.

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Having worked with AutoCAD professionally since 2010, it has become my most valued program. Using it for small to large drawing packages using CAD standards and a library of blocks as a resource when designing.

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A quick and effective tool for building interior spaces. Testing joinery and furniture ideas for small to medium projects. As well as a great visual tool for clients, creating initial designs or diagrams for large projects.

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Working in 3D has proven to be a time saving and efficient way of working to produce drawings, especially when working with Architects on large commercial projects.


Although I often use hand drawing to start off my sketches, using a digital pen, combined with Photoshop can give a more professional finish. Making it quicker to amend and adjust sketches based on client feedback or as a design develops.