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Copper, a decorative metal with various functions evoked the concept for NOMA’s Sales and Marketing Suite combined with it’s Maida Vale neighbourhood. Taking inspiration from the locality and proposals for the buildings copper facade, along side the proportions of surrounding edwardian town houses.

A sense of place is captured in the interior architectural details, reflected in large wall panels, decorative floor divisions, exaggerated portals, carefully considered to guide visitors through the Marketing Suite.

The application of copper work to the interiors is symbolic of the extraction process; where copper is siphoned from it’s ‘Ores’. Although considered mostly waste, these ores can be beautiful with rock like formations, embodying assortments of colours, textures and taking on different natural forms. The arrival desk, the visitors starting point, acts as this ore, becoming a decorative sculpture. Copper details are sporadically placed throughout, linking the entrance and sales suites through delicate considerations.